Billed Monthly

  • Online Booking
  • Lead Routing
  • Calendar Sync
  • Automated Reminders
  • Online Payments
  • 24/7 Email, Phone Support
  • Maximum 25 Users

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Rapid Growth


Billed Monthly

  • All ‘Startup’ Features
  • Implementation Coaching Session
  • DealTriage™ Automation
  • Maximum 100 Users


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  • All ‘Everything You Need’ Features
  • On-Hand Development Services
  • First-in-line Customer Support
  • Custom Integration Support
  • Enriched Lead Reporting
  • Unlimited User Accounts

Done For You

Let OnSched’s team of experts build your booking flow for you

OnSched Done For You provides you with a team of dedicated experts (project managers, UI/UX designers and developers) who work with you to create the ultimate booking experience designed with your business in mind. Minimum of 500 users are required for OnSched's Done For You solution.

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“I had a wonderful experience with OnSched. They worked with us to customize everything exactly how our company wanted, plus exceptional training and support. They were great to work with and I would definitely recommend this company.”

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Pricing Plan FAQs

What determines my implementation cost?

Your initial implementation cost is determined on a per-account bases depending on how much development (if any) is required to complete your setup, or if any custom changes to the platform are requested.

Which plan is right for me?

Choosing which of OnSched’s plans is right for you is very much based on your business size, budget and objectives. Whichever plan you choose, OnSched makes it easy to upgrade at any time as your needs evolve.

What is a Vendor/User/Resource?

A Vendor/User/Resource is a person, place or thing that shows up on the calendar to be booked. For example: on a B2B Sales Team, the Vendor/User/Resource would be each of the Sales Representatives. Admin who do not need to be booked are included in every plan free of charge.

What if I exceed my plans limit?

If your plan is exceeded your bookings will continue to be scheduled normally and you will receive a friendly reminder to update your plan. We highly recommend that you select a plan based on where you want to be instead of where you are today,as your price per Vendor/User/Resource is reduced as your business grows.

More Features Included with all OnSched Plans

Booking API

Online Booking API

  • Use our API to power bookings using your own branding
  • Customize the interaction and user experience for your consumers and vendors
  • Build your booking flows into desktop or mobile-app software
Booking API

Publish Anywhere

  • Publish booking flows on your Facebook Page
  • Publish booking flows on your website’s domain
  • Host your booking flows from your email
Custom Notifications

Notify & Remind

  • Customize email confirmation templates
  • Automate up to 2 additional reminders
  • Send text message reminders

Bonus Features

  • Phone, email and live chat support
  • Automatic Lead Routing
  • Sync with Google/Outlook/iCal
  • Online payment management
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#1 Booking software for Marketplaces & Review platforms with high value appointments

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