Our Story

  1. 6 Years

    since we launched
  2. 12 staff

    across 3 cities
  3. 2,000+

  4. 1,200,000+

    Appointments Booked

OnSched, OnSched was founded in 2010, by Connor & John Paddon. Sitting around the dinner table one night, a family friend (who happened to be an MD in Ontario) asked an interesting question: Why can't my patients just book their appointments online?

Why can't my patients just book their appointments online?

An interesting question it was. It was less than 2 hours later that OnSched was born. Originally starting out as the first electronic medical records company in Canada with online booking functionality; OnSched made multiple shifts in it's story before becoming what it is today: The standard for online booking in service based businesses.

In late 2012, we finally launched the product. It was a matter of months before we opened OnSched's private beta to a select 20 clients. Not long after, we realized that we were no-where near being ready and it was back to the drawing board. 10 months later, we were finally ready for our public launch.

Where we are today

Business owners in 2016, need a way to manage (and grow) their business. To keep a handle on everything, without it feeling like they're still living in the 80's; this has been a huge part of our growth.

Today more than 1 Million appointments have been booked through OnSched. More than 2,900 shops rely on OnSched to manage their business.

While we will always continue to develop our product, brand & value - our mission still hasn't changed from day one; to help businesses manage themselves and grow.

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